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Always ride

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of a Legend.

Bill Walton's achievements are etched in the archives of basketball history. He led UCLA to two NCAA championships under coach John Wooden and had a successful NBA career, winning NBA championships with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Boston Celtics. He also loved to ride his bike and we are forever grateful for his endorsement and friendship.
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From the roaring stadiums to the quiet moments away from the spotlight, learn why sports veterans and personalities consistently vouch for our excellence and dedication.

Sue Enquist

Former UCLA Softball Coach 27 yrs
11-Time National Champion

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For over 50 yrs. I have witnessed firsthand athletes’ transition out of their sport. This experience is a massively complicated challenge for many athletes. A whirlwind of change all at once, where mental health, physical health, and athlete identity are disrupted. In Jenne Blackburn’s book, the reader will relive the athlete’s journey “up the mountain” (youth to professional sports) to the inevitable “cliff” (retirement).

Jenne highlights the drivers that impact mental health, physical health, and athletes’ loss of identity. More importantly, she provides us with greater awareness AND solutions to better prepare them for the end of their career. This book is an excellent blueprint for athletes, sports parents, coaches, administrators, and communities to align education and events around athlete identity, mental health, and physical health. In completing this read, you will gain insight, the urgency to act, and articulated solutions for your retiring athletes.

Always an Athlete® will provide impactful research insight, education curriculum, and community-building activities, better preparing athletes for life after sport. Jenne inspires all of us to do more in preparing athletes for a thriving and celebratory experience in sports and beyond. Her book gives us the roadmap, the tools to traverse the mountain of challenges, and a mindset to leap off that cliff of retirement with a parachute of solutions for a thriving life after sport.

3 pillars

Three Pillars of Athletic Identity


You Are Not Alone



Stay Fit and Motivated 


ATHLETE Identity

Expanding and Embracing, Not Erasing Your Identity



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After reading the Always An Athlete book, we encourage you to the Journal (coming soon) to help you track your progress as you continue to grow in your next chapter.


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Keeping Athletes Moving Forward

Ball2Bike® events are the signature event for the Always An Athlete® Mission. Events can be put on by High Schools, Collegiate Athletic Departments & Programs, as well as Professional Sports Franchises.

Each event includes lectures, seminars, workshops and, at their heart, bike rides (for anybody & everybody) and races (for those of you who simply need to get out there and compete). Each event can be tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization, and can be used as fundraisers for charities & non-profit organizations.